UMC's Mobile Stroke Unit

UMC's Mobile Stroke Unit

Time is of the essence when it comes to stroke care, so the sooner a patient gets treatment, the higher likelihood they will be able to receive medical treatment that can help them recover more fully and live their lives without long-term disabilities.

The UMC Mobile Stroke Unit is a specialized ambulance that saves crucial time by bringing stroke care directly to the patient.

This unit is equipped with a specialized 16-slice CT scanner for accurately imaging the brain. These capabilities allow the onboard team to quickly assess the patient’s condition and immediately administer life-saving medications and treatments.

Scans and medical data can be wirelessly transmitted from this unit to neuroscientists, who can determine if and what kind of stroke a patient is experiencing. Allowing doctors to direct the patient’s treatment in real-time.

By administering diagnoses and medication in-transit – the UMC Mobile Stroke Unit  has the potential to offer patients better short-term and long-term outcomes.

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